Computer Graphics Projects

  • AdanaRenderer (2021)

    Ray-tracing based renderer. I developed it during the online CSE 168: Computer Graphics II: Rendering course I took on UC San Diego Online platform.

    AdanaRenderer has the following features:

    1. Monte Carlo Path Tracing
    2. GGX and Phong BRDFs
    3. BRDF and Cosine Importance Sampling
    4. Multiple Importance Sampling
    5. Russian Roulette
    6. Next Event Estimation
    7. Grid-based Acceleration Structure

    I developed the renderer from scratch using C++.

    1. OpenMP for CPU parallelization (optional)
    2. GLM for vector and matrix calculations
    3. tinyObjLoader to read OBJ files


    Veach MIS Scene (click for details)
    Veach MIS Scene

  • Quadruped Animal Animator (2019)

    Rendered and animated an Elephant using Hierarchical Modelling.

    Developed this project with my friend Cem Okan Yaldız using WebGL.
    I was responsible for the UI, Keyframe Interpolation, Hierarchical Modelling and the few of the animations.
    Demo of the project (best viewed on a computer)
    Veach MIS Scene