Computer Graphics Projects

  • AdanaRenderer (2021)

    Ray-tracing based renderer. I developed it during the online CSE 168: Computer Graphics II: Rendering course I took on UC San Diego Online platform.

    AdanaRenderer has the following features:

    1. Monte Carlo Path Tracing
    2. GGX and Phong BRDFs
    3. BRDF and Cosine Importance Sampling
    4. Multiple Importance Sampling
    5. Russian Roulette
    6. Next Event Estimation
    7. Grid-based Acceleration Structure

    I developed the renderer from scratch using C++.

    1. OpenMP for CPU parallelization (optional)
    2. GLM for vector and matrix calculations
    3. tinyObjLoader to read OBJ files


    Veach MIS Scene (click for details)
    Veach MIS Scene

  • Quadruped Animal Animator (2019)

    Rendered and animated an Elephant using Hierarchical Modelling.

    Developed this project with my friend Cem Okan Yaldız using WebGL.
    I was responsible for the UI, Keyframe Interpolation and Hierarchical Modelling.
    Cem prepared the beautiful model (made up of ellipses and polygonal meshes) and the animations.
    Veach MIS Scene
    Demo of the project will be available soon.